Family & Community Health

Meet our Family & Community Health Agent: Mary Shockley


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Texas A&M AgriLife Extension’s Family and Community Health (FCH) unit assists the community with a wide body of research-based knowledge about topics that have immediate and long-term effects on the lives of those we serve. The information provided helps citizens to make healthier decisions concerning their family, home and food. Our family’s physical and emotional health are extremely important. Learn how to manage your diabetes, prevent food-borne illness, eat healthy and manage your weight.  We offer the following programs here in Hunt County.

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Educational Programs:

We have a multitude of evidence based educational programs available here in Hunt County. Program topics include but are not limited to: Physical Activity, Nutrition, Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Passenger & Community Safety, Weight Control, Children & Families, Older Adults & Aging, Financial Management, Military Caregiving, Mental Health and Home Food Preservation. (Past Program Highlights pictured below)







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