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District 4 Photography Contest

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The District Photography Contest information is below or can be found on the District website at


SPECIAL NOTE: This photography contest has NO bearing on senior members qualifying for the state photography contest. Members must qualify at the county level. As such, this district contest is a standalone event and should not be confused with county or state contests. Please consult your County Extension office for qualifying procedures within your coun

  • Participation Grades
    Junior 3, 4, and 5;  Intermediate 6, 7, and 8;  Senior 9, 10, 11, and 12
  • Photo Eligibility
    Photo must be taken by participants between the dates of January 1, 2020 and the time of entry. Photos may be submitted only one time and in only one category.
  • Photo size
    All Photographs will be 8” X 10” and must be dry mounted to a matting board or corrugated cardboard
  • County Entries
    Each contestant may have only one entry per category for a total of 15 entries.
  • Entry Fee
    $10 first photo and fifty cents for each photo after that
  • Deadlines & Entry Period
    Registration on 4HOnline Opens: January 1, 2021
    Registration on 4HOnline Closes: February 1, 2021 by 11:59 pm
    Photos are due to the COUNTY EXTENSION OFFICE by 12:00 noon on Monday, February 8, 2021.
  • Alterations
    Although slight computer enhanced photos are allowed, such as crop, trimming, adjusting lighting, and red eye reduction; substantially altered photography, such as changing colors, applying design styles, or using computer graphics will disqualify an entry. Any other alteration, manipulation, edits, to a photo would require the photo to be entered into the Enhanced category.
  • Text on Photographs
    Photographs must not contain camera or user placed text. This includes such things as date stamps, comments, or titles. Text or wording that is part of the photograph (i.e. photo of a street sign, etc.) is acceptable.
  • Original Work of 4-H member
    The entry must be the original photographic work of the 4-H member and not a photo taken by family members, other 4-H members, or secured from any other printed/electronic source. Any photo proven to be found as not original work will result in disqualification of ALL the 4-H member’s entries into the Photography Contest. Additionally, actions may be taken against the 4-H member in regard to the Consequences of Misbehavior and Code of Conduct signed by the 4-H member.


  • Awards and Recognition
    1. Quality Awards: Blue, Red, and White quality ribbons will be given based on the scoring values.
    2. Best of class Awards: A Best of class Rosette will be awarded to one photo in each category. Judges have to option to award a Honorable mention Rosette in each class also.
    3. Best of age division: A Rosette will be given to the overall all winner from each age division.
  • Judging and Results
    Each photograph will be judged against a set of judging criteria, and not against photographs of peers. Based on total points awarded for each photograph, the participant will be awarded either a blue, red, or white ribbon. See Contest Judging Criteria (below). Judges will determine the placings and all decisions are final. Results will be available at your County Extension Office.
  • Labels
    All Photographs should have the label provided on the last page of the contest rules.  Please make sure the right category has been checked.


  • Content
    Photos that are deemed obscene, vulgar, sexually oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any decency standards or laws are strictly prohibited. The Texas 4-H Youth Development Program reserves the right to determine and refuse inappropriate or unsuitable entries.
  • Copyright
    The Texas 4-H Youth Development Program respects the rights related to copyright laws and intellectual property. All photos must be the participant’s own work. Use of a photo from other sources/people without permission is not allowed. Photos may be subjected to reverse image searches on the internet.
  • Display and Future Usage Rights
    By entry, the participant grants permission to the Texas 4-H Youth Development Program, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, and any other public or private agency authorized by the Texas 4-H Youth Development Program, the use, and rights associated to the use of the photographic likeness, in promotional publications, and other media, without compensation. Certain photos may be used for 4-H program and marketing uses.
  • Liability Release
    The Texas 4-H Youth Development Program, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, and/or its employees/agents involved in the contest will not be held liable for non-displayed photographs.
  • Model and Property Releases
    It is required that each participant have sufficient permission granted to both the photographer and the Texas 4-H Youth Development Program to publish and use as needed any recognizable locations or people photographed. Documentation should be retained by the participant and be available upon request from the Texas 4-H Youth Development Program.


  • Reasons for disqualification
    Disqualification for any reason will forfeit all entry fees. No refunds will be given.
    • Broken content rule. This includes inappropriate or unsuitable content.
    • Broken copyright rule. Photo is not the work of the 4-H member.
    • Broken display and future rights usage rule.
    • Broken model and property release rule.
    • Category: Does not meet category criteria, rules, or guidelines. (see category descriptions)
    • Category: Multiple county entries into a category.
    • Category: One photo entered into multiple categories.
    • County did not select/certify photograph to represent county by the deadline.
    • Entry fee not paid, or only partial fee paid.
    • Extremely poor quality/resolution.
    • Manipulation of photo beyond what is allowed.
    • Photograph does not meet the minimum or exceeds the maximum size allowed.


  • Animals-Domestic
  • Animals-Wildlife
  • Catch-All (Revised– be sure to read details in the contest rules)
  • Details & Macro
  • Elements of Design
  • Enhanced
  • Food
  • Landscape & Nature (non-animal)
  • Leading Line (New– be sure to read details in the contest rules)
  • Long Exposure (New– be sure to read details in the contest rules)
  • Motion/Action
  • People
  • Plant/Flora
  • Shadow/Silhouette
  • Theme: “Forced Perspective” (be sure to read details in the contest rules)


Each photograph will be judged against the following set of judging criteria, and not against photographs of your peers. The photo will be awarded either a blue, red or white ribbon. The elements for judging the photographs will be:

IMPACT Impact is the sense one gets upon viewing an image for the first time. Compelling images evoke laughter, sadness, anger, pride, wonder or another intense emotion. There can be impact in any of these twelve elements.
CREATIVITY Creativity is the original, fresh, and external expression of the imagination of the maker by using the medium to convey an idea, message or thought.
TECHNICAL Technical is the quality of the image itself as it is presented for viewing, which includes the following aspects:

  • allowable amounts of retouching and adjustments (removal of red eye, cropping, minor straightening)
  • sharpness and and correct color balance.
  • lighting, which includes the use and control of light. The use of lighting whether natural or man-made and its proper use to enhance the image.
  • Posing and capturing of the image
COMPOSITION Composition is important to the design of an image, bringing all of the visual elements together in concert to express the purpose of the image. Proper composition holds the viewer in the image and prompts the viewer to look where the creator intends. Effective composition can be pleasing or disturbing, depending on the intent of the image maker.
SUBJECT MATTER Subject Matter should always be appropriate to the story being told in an image (i.e. the category the photo is entered into) in an image. Subject matter also includes the center of interest for the photograph or where the maker wants the viewer to stop and they view the image.
STORYTELLING Storytelling refers to the image’s ability to evoke imagination. One beautiful thing about art is that each viewer might collect his own message or read her own story in an image.

For a printable version of these rules including the photography label, please click here.

County Photography Contest

County photography contest must follow District 4 guidelines (outlined above), with a deadline of February 25, 2021, 2:00 pm. No late entries will be accepted.

  • Entry form available here.
  • Contest label available here.

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